Hitachi President, in meeting with PM Yingluck, touts Hitachi’s Shinkansen know-how

President of Hitachi Japan, Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi, met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the Thai Khu Fah Building in Government House. Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi told the Prime Minister Hitachi has been investing in Thailand continuously, making Thailand its hub in the Southeast Asian region. He praised Thailand for the continuous support to the company’s investment in Thailand. Furthermore, Mr. Hiroaki Nakanishi stated that Hitachi is interested in being a part of Thailand’s mega-project involving logistic infrastructure development. The Company on this occasion presented its expertise in high-speed rail technology to the government. Wikipedia says: Hitachi Rail is involved in designing and manufacturing the many models of Shinkansen vehicles, including the current model, the N700 Series Shinkansen.[15] Several different models of the N700, including the 700T for Taiwan High Speed Rail. Hitachi currently markets a general purpose train known as the “A-train“, which utilises double-skin friction stir welded aluminium body construction. The A-train concept can be customised to form a commuter train like the automated 3000 series train for the Nanakuma Line, a limited express train like the E257 series, or a high-speed train such as the Class 395 operating in the UK.[15] In June 2008, Hitachi also submitted a contender for the UK’sIntercity Express Programme.[16] Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries agreed to cooperate in the field of international intra-city railway systems market in 2010.[17] Prime Minister Yingluck expressed gratitude to Mr. Nakanishi for the company’s confidence in investing in Thailand and urged Hitachi to collect data in the fields they were interested in order to come up with proposals beneficial to both sides. The Prime Minister reaffirmed that Thailand looked forward to expanding cooperation with Japan in the fields that the latter had the expertise. She indicated that Thailand was hoping to see Japanese co-investment in Thailand’s infrastructure development, which would be worth over 67 billion US dollars (Source).


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