The US$30 million box office hit, Pee Mak Prakanong, brightens up Thai films 2013 prospects

Thomas Schmid, a journalist for film journal, says in the wake of Pee Mak Prakanong’s commercial success, the National Federation of Thai Film Associations (NFTFA) has projected a bright outlook for Thailand’s movie industry in 2013. Although in 2012 a staggering 64 domestic movies were released, only one of them, romantic comedy ATM: ER Rak Error, managed to cross the threshold of 100 million baht (approx. $3.6 million) in ticket sales. As a result, overall box-office revenues dropped by 20% from 2011. NFTFA president Visoot Poolvaraluk was quoted in local newspapers as saying that 2013 should mark a significant rebound. Thomas says, Thai movie, Pee Mak Prakanong , has since its release on March 23 raked in an astonishing $16.2 million and almost helped Pee Mak Prakanong to unseat Thailand’s commercially most successful movie of all time, period drama Suriyothai (2001), which had enjoyed roughly $17.3 million in box-office earnings. He also says Pee Mak Prakanong also turned out to be very profitable in other regional countries, particularly Indonesia, with combined takings of almost $13 million. Pee Mak Prakanong is a spin off from Manak Prakanong, where since the 1960, have been remake 10s of time. Thomas says the continued local fascination with a rehashed ghost story is difficult to fathom for foreigners and it also seems incomprehensible that a full dozen cinematic remakes would still manage to keep audiences interested. However, Thais are generally very superstitious and the ghost story in question, which emphasizes the concept of eternal love surviving beyond the grave, holds a special place in their hearts (Source).


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