Myanmar centers in Thailand to issue migrant children with passports

With increase economic progress and modernization of Myanmar, the once back-ward country is fast catching up with the globe, and this includes how the country look after its people. Mayanmar embassy in Thailand will begin issuing temporary passports for children of registered migrant workers on Thursday, according to a government spokesperson, DVB reports. The passports will be issued at 11 centres across Thailand to all children under the age of 18, whose parents sought to register to work legally in the country in the year 2013, Labour Affairs Director Naing Htun from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok told DVB. The dependent passports themselves will cost 175 baht (US$6) and the children will have the right to stay in Thailand for same length of time as their parents. However, only the children of Burmese migrants who registered in the kingdom in 2013 will be eligible for the programme. Over 300,000 Burmese migrants have so far applied for temporary passports in Thailand, leaving an estimated 3,000 children in need of dependent documents, according to Naing Htun (Source).


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