Science Ministry’s research & development arm, develops new products from Rambutan & Longan

Science Minister, Vorawat Uyapinyakul, says the ministry research and development arm, have developed new products from the fruit, Rumbutan and Longan. For Rumbutan, these includes concentrated Rambutan juice, crispy Rumbutan sheet, dried flavored Rambutan, spiced Rumbutan seed, food additive from Rumbutan skin, and powder from Rumbutan seed. For Longan, these include, Longan jam, Longan jelly, several new Longan desert and dried spiced Longan. The Minister also said the research and development department has developed new methods to keep tropical fruits fresh, after their harvest. Processed Thai fruit have been popular in the global market, starting in the early 1990s, when Thai firms began experimenting with “Modernizing” the process fruit to fit global taste. For example, dried sugar coated Tamarind, a very popular processed food in Thailand that changed little over decades, was transformed into a fruit tablet, with consistent texture and balanced sweet and sour taste, with attractive packaging, was successfully sold in Europe. Since then, developing new snacks from fruit became popular in Thailand (Source).


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