Homeless out! Merchants out! Red Shirts out! But Bangkok governor lets far right ultra Nationalist in

Bangkok’s Democrat Party Governor, Sukhumpahn Boriphat, has bent his iron rule in not allowing Sanam Luang (Royal ground in front of the Grand Palace) to be used for many activities, such as political protest. But Sukhumpan has now allowed a far right ultra nationalist group to set up long-term protest there, saying talks to get them out has failed and there is nothing else to be done. Sukhumphan also sent in mobile toilets and medic support the serve the protesters. Before the current far right ultra nationalist protest, Sukhumphan iron rule was so strict, he did not allowed homeless to sleep at Sanam Luang, drove out street merchants at Sanam Luang, drove pigeons from the park, and also made statements that the Red Shirts can not protest at Sanam Luang. he said that violators will face a 1 million baht fine and prison terms. However, this current protest by the far right ultra nationalist, is part of the Elite Establishment that the Democrat Party serves. Leader of the far right ultra nationalist, Chaiwat Sinsuwong, says he is protesting to outs the PM Yingluck Shinawatra government. The group made statements that 1,000s have joined the protest; however, picture shows a few 100s setting up tents, shower space and kitchens. Police have tried to negotiate with the protesters to move, however, the protesters refused, even when a national level, cultural ceremony, that will take place using Sanam Luang. Sukhumphan’s iron rule came after millions was spend to renovate the Sanam Luang area, to be a show-case of Bangkok. The Democrat Party for the past 20 years, have aligned itself with the far extreme right, anti democracy Elite Establishment, as it can not win elections, and mostly wait for the Elite Establishment to put them in office. A Bangkok governor race took place a few months ago, and while Sukhumphan won a second term, Pheu Thai Party raked in over a million voters, fielding a second string candidate, and for the first time made significant in-road into Bangkok’s voter base. The election saw Sukhumphan desperately dove into social class politics to help him win (Source).


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