Agent who ran CIA secret prison in Thailand bypassed for CIA top spy job

Successive Thai governments have denied that there ever was a secret CIA prison in Thailand. But the several investigations and reports, into the post 9/11 frenzy scare of terrorism hit USA, often mentioned secret CIA prison in Thailand. The latest confirmation is one of the CIA’s highest-ranking women, who once ran a CIA prison in Thailand where terror suspects were waterboarded, has been bypassed for the agency’s top spy job. The officer, who remains undercover, was a finalist for the job and would have become the first female chief of clandestine operations. As one of the last remaining senior CIA officers who held leadership roles in the agency’s interrogation and detention program, however, she was a politically risky pick. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee‘s top Democrat, has criticized the interrogation program and personally urged CIA Director John Brennan not to promote the woman, according to a former senior intelligence briefed on the call. There have been a great deal of debate in Thailand, of when the CIA become involved with the use of Thailand. Of course the CIA have been operating in Thailand for a long time, heightened during the Vietnam War, where for example, the CIA secret airline, Air America, operated out of Thailand. In more modern times, there is a great debate. The anti democracy, far right Elite Establishment, will accuse Thaksin of inviting the CIA to play a bigger, more up-to-date role in Thailand. But according to facts, it is the Elite Establishment proxy, Abhisit’s Democrat Party, two time Thailand PM, Chuan, that the CIA activity in Thailand heightened (Source).


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