PM Yingluck plans tell global conference about her experience with 2011 flood disaster

The Thai government will host the Second Asia-Pacific Water Summit from May 14 to 20 under the theme “Water Security and Water-Related Disaster Challenges: Leadership and Commitment,” officials said. Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi said Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra would take the stage first to talk about her experiences in dealing with the Thailand’s massive 2011 floods and solutions arising from them. During that disaster, Yingluck on several times, shed tears. Critics said she showed weakness, but Yingluck said she felt compassion seeing so many Thais suffering. About 10 country leaders would address the meeting and share information on measures taken to tackle flooding in their countries and the region, the Nation reported on Monday. He said Thailand and neighboring countries will benefit from the high-level meeting on water management, which has become a major issue of concern across the globe. The first water summit was held in Japan and Thailand was scheduled to host the second meeting in 2011, but it was canceled due to massive flooding, according to Plodprasop. He said (Source).


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