Thailand & Russia to cooperate in the field of electricity energy management

Itti Ditbanjong, Thai Ambassador to the Russian Federation, and Prof. Emeritus Dr. Direk Lavansiri, Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand, who visited Russia from 14-17 April 2013 for a study visit in the fields of electricity energy regulatory policy and management as well as electricity generating policy, plans promotion of cooperation between Thailand and Russia in the field of electricity energy regulatory management.  The idea of a Russian national energy policy was approved by the government of Russia in 1992. At the same time government decided to develop the Energy Strategy of Russia.[2] For this purpose the Interagency Commission was established. In December 1994, the Energy Strategy of Russia (Major Provisions) was approved by the government. Since about the year 2000, electricity regulation have gone through some changes. First, it is generally accepted that it is not politically possible to introduce competition and private ownership without regulation. Second, the modern regulatory framework typically gives the utility regulator a duty to promote competition and encourage new entry, in contrast to traditional regulatory frameworks that sought to replace competition. Third, where competition is not feasible, incentive regulation rather than traditional cost of service regulation has sought to promote the kinds of efficiency improvements associated with competitive markets. Nowadays, there is concern about the extent and cost of regulation rather than the principle (Source).


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