Thailand now 2nd largest importer of Japanese steel export

Steel Business Briefing website, reported today, that Thailand has become the 2nd largest buyer of Japan’s steel export. In 2010, steel supply chain in Thailand consumed about 14.0 million ton of steel products. Consumption during 2005-2010 ranged between 10.8-14.0 million ton. Production of hot-rolled  products, the initial products that will be further processed into other products, however, gradually  decreased from 14.4 million ton in 2005 to 11.1 million ton in 2010 with Thailand importing more  than 12 million ton of iron and steel products in 2010 [3] (Figure 3). The majority of the imported  steel products from Japan were those that could not be manufactured in Thailand such as the highgrade, hot-rolled products which were produced from pig iron and used in the automotive industry and electrical appliance parts. Thailand exports of semi-finished and finished steel products gradually decreased from 2.2 million ton in 2005 to 1.8 million ton in 2010. The expansion of iron and steel industries in Thailand has become a centre of attention in the last decade due to the fact that it provides materials for major industries in the construction, machinery, automobile and appliance sectors. The steel industry is a substantially competitive business in terms of price and quality, which has resulted in the Thai steel industry experiencing fluctuations in imported raw material prices, production quality and transport costs. Serious competition among contributors in the market regarding time, costs and product quality especially has produced inefficient logistics management and weak coordination among all units of the supply  chain. The obvious competitive nature of contributors in the steel supply chain and the need to cut (Source).


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