US$10 billion anti-flood work bidding under-way, moderate interest as profit opportunity limited

After the Thai administration court, did not stop the start of the biding process of Thailand‘s US$10 billion water management , as many petitioned the court to stop it, a bidding process has starter. Two firms pulled out and four other entered the bidding. Japan Thai with Japan’s giant Obayashi was the first to pull out, followed by Team Thailand, with a Thai giant construction firm, Ch-Karnchang, as partner pulling out. Industry observer says the Thai government‘s term,  the TOR, means the profit from taking up the work, will not be highly lucrative. That leaves four construction group, going forward with the bidding. The deal is divided into nine projects, with 7 projects sought after between K Water of Korea and ITD Power, of China and Thai construction giant ITD. Just to mention a few projects here, one is the about US$2 billion dams and resevior for Ping, Yom and Nan rivers and then there is the massive flood way. Then the 2  smaller projects, is being hotly competed between 2 firms. Here, the central water command, has Loxley looking to get the project. The project continues to be opposed by a variety of civic groups, citing all sort of mis-management and violation of law, to fear of corruption, as the cause to object the US$10 billion project. All sort of cases have been petitioned at all sort of places to stop it here and there, now and in the future. Some of those who object are clearly linked to anti Yingluck political groups and others are clearly, genuinely concerned. The project was initiated as a response to the devastating flood a few years ago. One of the project, that got a fast track start, that is finished, is the video surveillance system of the water ways, throughout Thailand. The project was awarded ComputerWorld magazine, as one of the best IT project of the year.


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