Rohingya people, refuge in Thailand, suffers mental stress in detention centers

The Rohingya people , escaping troubled Myanmar ethnic war, to Thailand and held in detention center, are suffering deteriorating mental health, Thailand’s top Immigration officer, Major General Panu Kerdlabpon, said recently. Mental and physical healths were already issues, he said. However, the Immigration Bureau was trying to cope. He said there had been 2026 Rohingya detained in Thailand in January, with some escape. An outdoor area had been set aside at the Immigration centre in Ranong, on the border with Burma (Myanmar), where 84 men were being held, so that 10 people could have some exercise each day, he said. The Thai government has approved funding to support holding the Rohingya people for for six months, and that will end in late July. ”One of our concerns is that Immigration facilities were not designed for long-term stays and for now we don’t know how long they will be in Thailand,” Major General Panu said. There was some accusation that the Thai military shot at Rohingya causing death, Australia ABC news reports. However, apart from villager’s testimony, there were no concrete evidence to support the claim and news died down. While Thailand’s PM Yingluck is supportive to Thailand helping the Rohingya people, her national security advisers are concerned that Thailand would be flooded with the Rohingya people and would have to house them on a long-term basis, when most the global government have shunned the Rohingya people and doing little to help the troubled people (Source).


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