Bangkok Governor arrogantly brush off corruption charge as a waste of his time

Newly elected Bangkok Governor to a second term, Sukumphan Boripatra, says going to the Thai DSI to hear extra wrong doing charges, on top of old charges, is a waste of his working time. Sukhumphan says the charges are politically motivated. The Thai DSI (FBI) have called in Sukhumphan to hear extra charges related to Bangkok granting BTS, a 30 year extension contract, as being abuse of power. Most neutral observer says a contract involving US$ multi billions, by logic and law, is the responsibility of the government, not the local government such as the city of Bangkok. Furthermore, while currently, not being a part of legal charges on Sukhumphan, some legal experts says because Sukhumphan promised that the BTS fair would not be increased, during his campaign to gain public support for the BTS extension, and also during his recent campaign for the second term Governor, because BTS is now increasing the fair, there may be legal implications involved, not just moral and ethical issues. Bangkok is traditionally the strong hold of the anti democracy, Elite Establishment, and most voters would vote based on class loyalty, with little regards to other aspects, such as performance. For example, a former Democrat Party Bangkok Governor was found by the anti corruption unit to be involved in corruption, where the corruption in the case is massive. And Shkhumphan himself, have demonstrated a mostly lagging performance, such as with the failed construction of a sports arena on time for a global meet, that embarrassed Thailand globally (Source).


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