Human Rights Watch says separatist militant violent campaign is “Crime Against Humanity”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) calls separatist militant violent campaign in Thailand’s Deep SouthCrime Against Humanity” and the justice that the separatist militant proposed at the Thai government and BRN peace talks, is amnesty for the BRN leaders and not justice to the victim of the violence. The Deep South violence started a new chapter about ten years ago, and has since seen about 5,500 Thais killed, often in “Terrorism” style attack, such as chopping off the heads of the victims or burning the victim alive. Most of the attack on civilians population occurred as part of a “Drive By” execution, and bombing of heavily populated by people cites, such as markets and banks. There is currently a peace talk processed, brokered by Malaysia going on, where both sides have linked the talks to what occurs at local level in the Deep South (Source: @SunaiBKK twitter).


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