Labor Day! 35% labor doing OK, 45% doing not so well & 18% doing badly

A poll of Thai labor, the Suan Dusit Poll, 35% of labors says are doing OK, 45% says doing not so well, and 18% says doing badly. About 40% said they worry about debt, 30% said they worried about family expense, such as educational expense and 14% said they worry about health related issues. Today, Labor Day, a group of labor leaders gave PM Yingluck Shinawatra a list of demands, mostly relating to a better quality of life. They also said they wanted to form a political party, and most said Yingluck’s higher minimum wage of 300 baht a day did not help them, because their compensation was already higher than the new minimum wage. Poll of Thai labor also split about the same with those welcoming and against foreign migrant workers. Most labor says the firms they work with did not make any noted change to address higher minimum wage. Yingluck said her goal is to lift their well being by helping them increase their skill. Thailand’s labor competitiveness improvement, over the years, is about average for ASEAN. Data says Thailand has a very low un-employment rate, but that un-employment is high with college graduate (Source).


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