Constitutional Court & supporters lash out at Thailand’s “Democratic Movement”

Thailand’s Constitutional Court and supporters, today blasted back at PM Yingluck Shinawatra and other forces of Democracy in Thailand, right after the PM delivered a statement at a democracy conference, saying the anti democracy 2006 coup elements existed today in Thailand, namely at independent units such as the courts.  Yingluck and forces making up Thailand’s democratic movement, such as the so called independent Red Shirts protesting at the constitutional court, are trying to amend the 2006 military constitution to be democratic. Aung San Suu Kyi says Thailand is the proof that a military constitution does not work. However, the court made a fresh ruling, on top of others, firming up its exertion of power over Parliament. The court, also, as expected postponed a ruling on former PM Abhisit Vejacheva MP Status. Meanwhile, the far right, anti democracy movement, became active in massive numbers, also after Yingluck statement at the conference. For example, former Thai PM, Abhisit Vejacheva, said he has ordered Thailand’s former Foreign Minister, Kasit Pirom, to write a letter, to be sent to global units, in response. Most neutral observer laugh off the response, as Kasit and Abhisit are mostly shunned by global governments and democratic movements, except for UK and USA, two countries with a very long tradition of supporting “Bloody Thai Dictatorships.” Also the Thai King cartoonist, Chai Rajwat, came out to make a strong statement, calling Yingluck a whore.  Thai Rath, Thailand’s largest and a traditionalist newspaper, and the long-time anti-democracy and pro Elite Establishment, Bangkok Post, both big guns media, also came out with “Very Hard Hitting Reports” to destroy Yingluck’s credibility and position. However, those hard hitting reports, from Thai Rath and Bangkok Post, are based on “Unknown to Readers Sources” where in Thailand, it is common for journalist to make up reports themselves, using imagine up, source. Most neutral media observer, on the social network, said Thai Rath and Bangkok Post, along with most of the far extreme right press, currently are engaging deeply in “propaganda” to support the far right wing trashing of Yingluck’s position on democracy (Source).


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