As suicide happens, 25% of students that succeed getting into universities, give up rights

As some Thai students commit suicide for failure at test to get them a seat at public universities, or commit suicide for getting low grade that points to their future failure at education, about 25% of those students that make it into public universities, give up their rights to enter the university for some reason. For 2013, 43,445 students confirm their eligible for a seat and 11,735 gave up their rights, at even the top ranked difficult to get into, Chulalongkorn University. Here saw 730 students giving up their rights. The hit with the highest giving up of rights, is a Thai university in Southern Thailand, with about 50% gave up their rights. Also about 20 students gave up their rights to enter medical school. Thailand, like many Asian countries, places great pressure on students to get into the generally high grade, public universities, spending years and countless hours of special extra tutoring class, just to get into these public universities. The pressure to get in, and the failure to get in, have often resulted in suicide. Meanwhile, at most of the private universities, less capable students, and often from wealthy families, would mainly enter these universities for the social network and for a degree to decorate their parents’ house wall. However, there have also been suicide by students at private university, from failing the schooling (Source).


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