PTTEP helps make Khao Yai National Park more tourist friendly

PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) is helping to make Khao Yai National Park more tourist friendly, beginning with its visitors’ centres to provide more facilities and conveniences for international tourists and to improve landscape and transportation to Pha Deaw Dai nature trail and other visitors’ sites in the park. PTTEP President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tevin Vongvanich told journalists of an ambitious plan aimed at turning the Khao Yai National Park to become a pollutant-free and environmentally-friendly tourist site. Conservationist have been alarmed at the speed of development of the area arounf the park, with US$ multi million homes going up. Tevin said the move is also part of his company’s project on the conservation of Thai and world heritages. Wikipedia says: Khao Yai National Park is the third largest in Thailand. It covers an area of 2,168 square kilometers, including evergreen forests and grasslands. Its altitude mostly ranges from 400 to 1000 m above sea level. There are 3,000 species of plants, 320 species of birds like red junglefowl and Coral-billed Ground-cuckoo and 66 species of mammals, including Asiatic black bearAsian elephantgaurgibbon, Indian sambar deerpig-tailed macaque, Indian muntjacdhole, and wild pig. Although evidence of tiger presence has not been recorded recently, monitoring byFREELAND Foundation in collaboration with Department of National Park rangers has discovered tigers (the Indochinese tiger subspecies) in other parts of Eastern Thailand where they were previously thought to have been completely extirpated.[2] Its waterfalls include the 80 metreHeo Narok, and Heo Suwat made famous from the film The Beach. Namtok Sarika is popular with the Thais. Recent wildlife studies show that animal ranges, particularly the few resident tigers, are impacted by human activity near the center of the park. This study has not impacted the government’s call for private lodging concessions within the park itself  (Source).


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