Ministry of Education new text book, in drive for independent thinking students, ready in 6 months

The Minister of Education, Phongthep Thepkanjana, who earlier set up of a national committee for basic education reform to work on curriculum reform and improvement of textbook quality, said the new text book will be ready in 6 months. Earlier Pongthep said his goal is to produce students that can think independently. The Education Ministry is in the process o formulate vision for basic education reform, systemize the management of basic education in the country, approve the basic education management systems and consider the basic education curriculum and student textbooks. The Thai education, for decades, have been trapped by the right wing political mood of Thailand, in producing students that are “Good Character” that automatically follows the norm of the country, meaning little questioning. However, that “Good Character” and follow the norm have resulted in Thai students doing poorly in global ranking. Most Thai education academics want to see Thai student who can think independently. The United Nations is helping Thailand achieve that goal with some assistance (Source).


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