Chalerm braves total “Amnesty & Reconciliation” but analyst says Thailand not ready at this point

Chalerm Youbumroong, Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra’s deputy, is forging ahead with an ambitious Amnesty & Reconciliation Plan that most neutral analyst said will go nowhere, given how deeply divide Thailand is. But Chalerm says if the current situation goes on, Thailand will be even more divided. “It will be difficult for Abhisit to visit the North and the Northeast and for Pheu Thai Party to visit the South,” says Chalerm. Chalerm want to set a date in recent history, and grant amnesty of all wrong doing from that point forward, including Thaksin, and potentially former PM Abhisit Vejachva and Sondhi Linthongkul for their crimes, if found guilty. Most analysts said the best hope for an Amnesty and Reconciliation Plan are Parliament Bills granting Amnesty for the second tier people, or the followers, of the different political camps; meaning not the leaders. At contention are some iconic Thai figures, again, such as Thaksin, Abhisit and Sondhi; all have or are going through a Thai justice system, known as incredibly un-professional. Amnesty for iconic figures of the far extreme right liks Abhisit is opposed by the Red Shirts and Amnesty for the populous progressive like Thaksin is opposed by the right. PM Yingluck Shinawatra is caught in a difficult situation because her brother Thaksin, is at issue. And apart from attacking Thaksin, the right will link Thaksin to Yingluck and attack her as well, when the Thaksin issue comes up. However, Thaksin have taken off some pressure, saying he is not in a hurry to return to Thailand. As for Chalerm, most analyst says he is driving for a total Amnesty and Reconciliation, because, apart from the fear of a deepening divided in Thailand, Chalerm is highly loyal to Thaksin (Source).


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