Bahrain cement producer taps Thai technology firm to up-grade & set up new cement plant

Falcon Cement Company (FCC), the first Bahrain-based cement producer, has signed an advisory and engineering service agreement with LV Technology Public Company Limited (LVT), a Thailand-based company, to upgrade and set up a new backup cement mill. “FCC is the first and only fully integrated cement plant in Bahrain and therefore plays an important role in the kingdom’s economy……Leveraging LVT’s vast experience and services, FCC will increase the size of its operations and its ability to deliver more consistent supplies of cement to the domestic market with improved quality,” said Mr Alrayes of FCC. The Gulf Investment House is predicting that cement capacity in the countries that constitute the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) will reach 120.7 million t by 2013, a rise of 13% on the 2011 figure. Cement demand is expected to reach 88 million tpa, up 6.6%. Capacity increase will be driven mainly by Saudi Arabia where it is expected to reach 58 million t, while demand is expected to be on a par with capacity increase, which is expected to rise by 8.3% during 2011 – 13. In the UAE, there will be an increase in the oversupply situation with capacity touching 43 million t by 2013. This situation is likely to shrink on the back of huge spending plans announced by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait (Source).


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