Yingluck tells global conference on democracy elements of anti-democracy exist

Thai PM, Yingluck Shinawatra just hours ago made a statement  at the 7th Ministerial Conference of the Community of DemocraciesUlaanbaatar, Mongolia. The statement is one of the first statements from Yingluck, on the development of Thailand‘s Democracy. Her statement is strong and direct. She says, quote: “Thai means free, and the people of Thailand fought back for their freedom. In May 2010, a crackdown on the protestors, the Red Shirts Movement, led to 91 deaths in the heart of the commercial district of Bangkok. Many innocent people were shot dead by snipers, and the movement crushed with the leaders jailed or fled abroad.  Even today, many political victims remain in jail. However, the people pushed on, and finally the government then had to call for an election, which they thought could be manipulated. In the end, the will of people cannot be denied. I was elected with an absolute majority. But the story is not over. It is clear that elements of anti-democratic regime still exist. The new constitution, drafted under the coup leaders led government, put in mechanisms to restrict democracy.” During her campaign election, Yingluck promised she will amend the military constitution, to be more Democratic. She won by a land-slide. Clearly, that is a mandate she won from the Thai people. And in polls and research, says 70% to 80% of Thais want Democracy, with about 25%, some form of far right wing dictatorship. There are still many in Thailand who cling to the far extreme right wing “Dictatorship” philosophy (Source).


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