Japan’s NTT picks up Thai data center Unitrio Technology, from Dubai based, Abraaj, exit

The Dubai, UAE based, Abraaj Group has sold its stake in Thailand-based Unitrio Technology to NTT Facilities (NTTF), a member of the Japanese Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), which provides comprehensive engineering services for data centres, telecommunications, commercial buildings and related facilities. Abraaj, through its first South East Asia Fund, acquired its stake in Unitrio in 2010. The investment in Unitrio was predicated on the increasing demand within Thailand for high quality data centres due to rapidly growing internet penetration rates, the proliferation of mobile and other devices, increasing virtualization of IT infrastructure, and the adoption of cloud computing in the public and private sectors, factors that are leading to substantially greater requirements for data hosting and storage capacity across the country. Abraaj roots took place in 2001, by the Norwegian and UK government fund to invest in emerging markets SMEs. From US$ 60 million to US$ 7.5 billion of assets under management, The Abraaj Group’s journey over the past decade has been one of innovation and growth. The exit of Unitrio is the third for 2013 (Source).


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