Education Ministry sets up work-shop to brainstorm for solution to vocational student violence

The Education Ministry is setting up the first work-shop to address the problem of vocational student violence. The problem is significant in Thailand. For example, Pol Maj-General Saroj Phromecharoen, recently said there were 779 incidents involving student violence in Bangkok from January to July, 2012, that often involved death and injury of innocent by standers. Many of the attacks involve vocational students shooting into bus at their enemies, and hitting bystanders in the bus, often resulting in death.  The situation has so gotten out of hand; it has reached the Thai parliament. At a House committee on education recently, the police admitted it was partly their fault in dealing too lightly with the matter. But the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) also blamed sensational media coverage as another reason, while citing a violence-prone tradition and the influence of graduates and seniors as other factors. OVEC secretary-general Chaiyaphruek Serirak said there were about 1 million vocational students but those engaged in violence and revenge were only “in the hundreds” and based mainly in Bangkok and adjacent areas. A number of drastic measures to solve the problem have been suggested, from isolating problem-students in three-month solitary studies, sending them to boot camps for seven days while their schools were shut, or prohibiting schools from enrolling new students for one semester, to even automatic sending violent student to join the military. Corruption also plays a role in why students turn to violence. According to an academic, interviewed on TNN, under Abhisit government, about 8 billion baht was allocated to buy studying tools for vocational school all over Thailand, but he said, quote: “About 60% to 70% was corrupted away; leaving little for the schools, where what was bought is about 300% to 400% above market price.” The academic said, with better classes students would be more interested to attend (Source: Twitter).


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