Double standard justice strikes again, court postponed trial of Yellow Shirts

In yet another delay  a Thai court on Monday postponed the trial of dozens of Yellow Shirts facing charges relating to their roles in 2008 rallies that occupied and closed down Bangkok’s main airports stranding thousands of tourists, in what Thailand Central Bank said cost the economy US$ 3 to 5 billion. Nearly 100 members of the nationalist People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) “Yellow Shirt” group appeared at the Criminal Court over a wave of demonstrations against allies of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra almost five years ago, as prosecutor was infested by massive numbers of delays in their case. Today, the court, following similar move as the prosecutor, agreed to wait until July 29 to hear from the defendants, after it emerged that some of those charged did not have legal representation. Key members of the Yellow Shirts group, including the group’s media mogul founder Sondhi Limthongkul, who face terrorism charges over their alleged role in occupying the airports. Criminal investigations against the arch nationalist group have been sluggish, prompting claims of double standards by their rival “Red Shirts” where right after their protest was stopped, by former Thai PM, Abhisit Vejacheva crackdown, hundreds were arrested and charged with terrorism.The Yellow Shirts helped claim the scalps of three governments in under five years (Source).


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