Capital market regulator wants easy mergers & acquisition and more provincial company stock market listing

Thailand’s capital market watch-dog, Securities and Exchange Commission, head, Vorapon Sotiyanurak said he have made several proposals to the Finance Ministry, Kittirat Na Ranong, to make the capital more competitive, especially with ASEAN AEC, where both cooperation and competition would increase. One area Vorapon mentioned was mergers and acquisition (M&A), where he proposed a revamp of tax involved in M&A deals. In recent months, Thai firms have been highly active in M&A activity, such as CP All talks with Siam Macro. Vorapon also said he was concerned that firms in provincial Thailand is not tapping the capital market, representing 7% of the 500 stock market listed firms. Kittirat, the Finance Minister, is working on Thailand’s financial integration with ASEAN to a certain extent, where capital market integration is a goal and some measures were pass and agreed by ASEAN members, but proved thus far not very popular or effective (Source).


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