Thai Ambassador to UAE, push for center to serve about 11,000 Thais in the country

A spacious centre where Thai children could learn about their culture and heritage is a dream project of the new Thailand Consul General to Dubai, Thosaporn Moonlasartsathor.  There are 10,800 Thais across the seven emirates with 3,700 living and working in the DNE. While a big number of the women are married to other expatriates, the others are employed as skilled and semi-skilled workers in the fields of business, petrochemical, hospitality and related services, aviation, industrial and construction. He said that for now the children, who also include those from mixed marriages, are being taught by a lady volunteer every Friday at an office in Al Barsha at the back of the Mall of the Emirates. “But, I want a bigger place for the children and everyone who could teach them how to read and write in Thai our dances. Everything about our country,” Moonlasartsathorn said. He particularly wants a dedicated school for his compatriots in his area of responsibility. Moonlasartsathorn said it was very important that children be taught about their origins despite the world getting smaller every day because of progress and the advances in science and technology (Source).


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