Groups, including Thai celebrities & USAID, campaign for hotels to stop serving shark fin

As part of global Earth Day initiatives, Thai celebrities, students, conservationists, and leading hospitality industry representatives gathered to launch a Blue List promoting hotels in Thailand that are 100 per cent shark fin free. Fin Free Thailand and the Blue List is initiated by FREELAND Foundation, Love Wildlife Foundation, Thailand, with support from Thai citizens, schools, businesses, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  “Many hotels are taking shark fin off their menus out of concern for endangered shark populations threatened by overfishing. They should be commended for this important action to protect sharks and the marine environment,” said Jirayu Ekkul, Fin Free Thailand spokesperson and Marine Conservation Campaign Director for Love Wildlife Foundation. Featuring 23 leading luxury hotels, the Fin Free Thailand Blue List was announced on Earth Day (April 22nd) at the International School Bangkok to cheers from hundreds of students. The first serious global move against human consumption of Shark Fin, occurred in California, USA, where the state made moves to ban shark fin from human consumption. Some study suggest, Shark Fin on sale for consumption in much of Asia, is tainted with harmful chemicals (Source).


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