Cracks emerge in Democrat Party as Chuan blasted at party’s MP calling for party reform

Cracks emerged in the Democrat Party over the week end as two times Democrat Party Prime Minister of  Thailand, Chuan Leekpai, fiercely defended current party leader, Abhisit Vejacheva and the party in general, from calls to reform the party. “Abhisit is a great party leader and Alogkorn should not be so concern about winning, as to forget about the party’s principles,” said Chuan, at a rally. The Democrat Party have lost every Thailand’s general election for the past 21 years, and Alongkorn Polabutra, head of the party’s central Thailand region efforts, came out to call for reforming the party. Alongkorn said the party was too slow in its thinking and action, gained a reputation of corruption, and is seen as anti Democracy. Pichai Rattakul, an iconic Democrat Party figure, said, a few years ago, the Democrat Party was headed by a gang of 3 to 4 young people that does not listen to others in the party. Abhisit and Chuan are close, with Abhisit being under Chuan’s wings’s as he rose up the part ranks. Most neutral Thai observer says the Democrat Party has positioned the party, to come to power in Thailand from the so called “Orange Falling Concept” meaning, for the Elite Establishment to arrange for it to come to power, and that winning General Elections is not seen as important to the party leaders (Source).


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