Busy day for Thai navy with numerous intercepting of vessels involved in rose wood smuggling

It was a bust day for the Thai navy with numerous interceptions of vessels involved in rose wood smuggling. On the MeKong river, the navy’s patrol boat intercepted a vessel captained by a Laotians with rose wood headed to China. In the gulf of Thailand, Thai Navy also seized a Cambodian boat and arrested four Cambodian crew members for allegedly trying to smuggle Bt10 million worth of Rosewood. A local press, Nation, sais HTMS Chao Phraya from the First Naval Area spotted the suspicious boat off Rayong‘s coast near the Jasmine oil field in the Gulf of Thailand. The boat tried to speed away, prompting HTMS Chao Phraya to take chase and arrest the four Cambodian crew members  Rosewood or Payung, is a native Thai hardwood tree that is protected against logging. Rosewood is used in making very expensive Chinese style furniture. Most of these Chinese style factories are located in China. Rosewood can be found, among others, along the Thai Cambodia border, where the border area is a sensitive national security issue of the two countries. The Thai military have killed or captured many Cambodians, in Thailand territory along the troubled border, who were involved with the illegal harvesting of Rosewood (Source).


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