Thaksin’s Nanotec gets renewed interest from Ministry of Science and Technology

Thaksin is the father of Thailand’s Nanotec push, introducing Nanortec to Thailand over 10 years ago. Since the 2006 coup, that kicked out Thaksin, however, everything about Thaksin began to be erased, and Nanotec news disappeared from Thailand. And Thailand’s push into Nanotec slowed. However, there is currently a revival. The value and appeal of Thai natural “Folk” textiles will be boosted with the application of nanotechnology coating, the Ministry of Science and Technology says. Thailand’s National Nanotechnology Centre (Nanotec), established by Thaksin, has opened the country’s first nanotech natural textiles coating centre. The centre, located at Phrae Technical College, aims to promote the use of advanced technology to add value to the folk textile business, which will in turn spur economic growth in the community. Nanotec executive director Sirirurg Songsivilai said the value of Thai textile exports is estimated at 120 billion baht a year, 5 billion baht of which comes from folk textiles. However, many folk fabrics and fabric products fade easily and are not durable.Mr Sirirurg said nanotech coating addresses these weak points. The nano-surface gives a silky touch to the textile, makes it more resistant to water and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities (Source).


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