Thai court for prosecuting politicians accepts case against Noppadon, on MOU with Cambodia

Thailand’s Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Holders of Political Positions has accepted a “Wrongful Duty Conduct” case against Thaksin’s lawyer, Noppadon Pattama. The case involved Noppadon, while Thailand’s foreign minister, entered into an MOU with Cambodia, agreeing with Cambodia’s application to list the Phra Vihear relics at the World Heritage body. The case was tabled to the court by the Thai anti corruption unit and sat there for ages. It is unknown why the court has decided to accept the case now, a week after the Thai Cambodia made their presentations at the World Court, and the issue is still highly sensitive in Thailand. And also when the elite establishment and its proxy, Abhisit Vechacheva is attacking Noppadon on the MOU issue.  According to Thai Constitution clause 190, any contract with foreign countries, has to go through Parliament. While legal expert debate if an MOU is a contract, most neutral analyst says Noppadon was a subject of a witch hunt, by the elite establishment “Macro Strategy” to engulf the Thai public into an ultra Nationalist, ultra right wing country and to get rid of Thaksin at the same time, by blaming Noppadon of selling out Thailand’s “Sovereignty” to Cambodia. That drive of Thailand into an ultra Nationalist country, eventually sparked war between Thailand and Cambodia. That war, subsequently drove Cambodia to petition the World Court. Noppadon have argued that he entered into an MOU with Cambodia, to prevent Cambodia from including Thai Cambodia disputed areas into the World Heritage application. Many neutral observers in the Diplomatic community said that agreement by Cambodia with Noppadon, was the first time Cambodia acknowledge a “Hands Off” policy on the disputed area. Furthermore, the head of the Thai team at the World Court, a hero of the Thai people, said Noppadon’s MOU does not put Thai territory at risk (Source).


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