Documentary film, “The Boundary” banned because cannot prove statements in film are facts (Up-Dated)


Thailand’s film censor board took censorship to a new height by banning a documentary film, The Boundary, because, as the board stated,  the director cannot prove if statements in the film are factual or not. The film is about the Thai Cambodia conflict, view from both Thai and Cambodians side. The director, Nonthawat Numbenphol, said the ban, is probably related to the current Thai Cambodian conflict case at the World Court. Boundary is the third film to be ban by the censorship bard in recent years. Insects in the Backyard and Shakespeare Must Die, are the other two. Insects in the Backyard was banned because of sex scene of people wearing school uniforms and Shakespeare Must Die was banned because it is a very far extreme Right Wing film. Recently a TV Soap program was also took off air. Speculation and outraged engulfed many and local and global press pointed to the Thai government as ordering the censorship. Currently, with “The Boundary” many local anti government press, like the Bangkok Post, is pointing the figure at the government. With the Soap TV program, subsequently, after investigations by many units and body, the conclusion is that the TV Channel censored the Soap with no government pressure, but was concern the content may break Thailand’s law. While Thailand went on the Freedom House “Not Free” country list in the past, currently, it is in the “Semi Free” country list. The latest is that the film censorship board has lifted the ban, and apologized for the mistake (Source).


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