International law expert tells Parliament amend constitution to make reaching agreements competitive

Thailand’s top international law expert, Visutra Tavayanond, appearing at the Thai parliament committee to vet amending the Thai constitution, said the current Constitution Clause 190 that specify Thailand agreements with foreign countries must go through parliament deliberation, needs amending. He said the clause about going through parliament should apply only to those that involves border lines, and that the wording that all agreement impacting economic and social significantly must go through parliament should be cut out and be left only with those agreements that impact economic security. The time frame of 60 days for Parliament deliberation on international agreement and having a public hearing for agreement are also un-realistic.  Visutra said the amendments he is proposing is so that small agreement can get through quicklyand the government would have greater flexibility in negotiation. Visutra said under the current constitution, Thailand can be at a disadvantage of super-powers, on the international stage. The Elite Establishment in Thailand is fiercely protective of clause 190 as the clause protecting Thailand’s best interest. Overall, the Elite Establishment is against amending the military constitution and is using the Constitution Court judges to sink and control the amending process. A group of Red Shirts have been protesting at the court for the past three days and Thailand’s former PM, Abhisit Vejachva, is urging the Constitutional Court judges to stand firm against the Red Shirts(Source).


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