Abhisit tells court, a Democrat Party MP wrong doings, because he was ordered to do it

Former Thai PM, Abhisit Vejjacheva, at the court for prosecuting politicians, deflected a corruption case on a key Democrat Party MP, Apirak Kosayothin, while he was Bangkok governor, away from Apirak, saying Apirak saw that something was wrong, but had to sign the contract, because the then government, ordered Apirak, to sign the contract. The corruption case against Apirak at the court for prosecuting politician was bought to the court by the Thai anti corruption unit. The corruption involves about US$200 million contract to purchase emergency vehicles, from Australia. When the vehicle arrived, the vehicle did not meet the purchase specifications, and thus was not accepted. The result is that 100s of emergency vehicles sat at the dock gathering dust and rust. Form that point on, there was a great deal of legal maneuvering between and by all involved, lasting for years, with allegations of corruption and procedural wrong doing. The climax came when it was disclosed that Apirak signed the L/C documents, mentioned at the start of this article as the contract, which solidify the deal (Source).


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