Three of Thailand’s well known lese mejeste prisoners get mixed physical & mental health report

By Tammy; 4/24/2013

Three of Thailand’s well known lese majeste prisoners are doing relative well adjusting to jail, says the pro Democracy, Liberty and Justice,  Nitirat Group academis, Somsak Jiamtherasakul, on Facebook. Somsak said Somyot Plerksakasemsuk is OK now in jail, and there is no need to worry about him. Another lese majeste prisoner, out on bail for a long time, but now back in prison, Ekachai, will need some time to adjust to prison but he should be OK. However, Somsak says, the lese majeste prisoner that is is a worry is Surachai, where his emotional is strong, but he is quite old and his body can not take prison life very well. Somsak gave no word of a very famous Thai lese majeste prisoner, Da Torpedo. A lese majeste, Uncle SMS, recently died in jail, from inadequate health care. Uncle SMS was locked in the 8 section of the prison, where in this section there are 800 prisoners. For that 800 prisoners, there is one small media aid office. Thailand is trying to push through an Amnesty Bill, with many hoping it would include lese majeste prisoners. However, the ultra Nationalist and the Royalist are against granting amnesty to those who insult the Thai Royalty. Yingluck wone the last election, very much on the back of the red Shirts, where the Red Shirts are mostly against lese majeste, wants the law amended. But most neutral analyst says Yingluck hands are tied, meaning if she supported amending the lese majeste laws, the Elite Establishment would have a significant reason, to push her out of office (Source: Somsak’s Facebook).


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