Thai Health Ministry to protect Thai spa brand reputation globally against sex tarnished

By Tammy; 4/23/2013

With Thai hotels globally offering Thai massage and independent spa operators going global, “Brand Reputation” is becoming a great concern. What started in Dubai last year when authentic Thai spas organized themselves to set themselves apart from shady massage centers that allegedly offer sleazy services in the guise of a Thai massage is going to being carried out in other countries as well to help protect the reputation of the ancient therapy. Ten authentic Thai massage spas organized in March last year to get certification from Thailand’s Public Health Ministry to ensure top-quality service and authenticity of the massage they provide. The move came following a Gulf News report about illegal operators that tarnish the reputation of Thai massage by distributing business cards with offensive images to communities touting Thai massage services but actually offering dubious services. “What was started by Thai business owners in Dubai is now going to be implemented on an international level. The Health Ministry in Thailand has rolled out plans to certify authentic Thai spas in other countries as well,” Thosaporn Moonlasarsathorn, the new Thai Consul-General, told reporters on Monday (Source).


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