ABAC University poll found 61% of Thais believed Thailand ready for ASEAN

By Pooky; 4/24/2013

ABAC University’s ASEAN study center, said a poll of the Thais showed 61% believed Thailand’s was ready for ASEAN integration. The poll found that 24.8% of Thais said education was most important in preparing for ASEAN, followed by English language skill, workers productivity, economic development and lastly security related. Punthree na Ayutthaya, vice head of the ASEAN Study Center, says the Thais sees Singapore as most prepared, followed by Thailand. Punthree said in her opinion, solving the rich and poor gap in Thailand was also important for Thailand’s preparations for ASEAN. She also said developing the Thai character to be more ethical and moral was important. The former hers of ASEAN, Surin Pitsuwan, fresh after his term was over, in Thailand, urged the Thais to change their mind-set, from being happy and satisfy with life, as in being content, to be more progress minded. Many previous polls in Thailand, found that the Thais knew very little about ASEAN  (Source).


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