Transport Ministry says logistic firms, 60% to 70% ready to compete under ASEAN, need improve quality

By Pooky; 4/22/2013

Thailand’s Ministry of Transport have target five areas to lift standard, as related to Thai logistics, to prepare for ASEAN. The Deputy Transport Minister said Thailand’s transport and logistics business is about 60% to 70% ready for ASEAN. “I believe we can compete with ASEAN logistics firms, with AEC comes into being,” said Suvanathat, Deputy Transport Minister. He said in ASEAN, Thailand has the largest number of transport truck operator, at about 20,000 operators. That large number, Suvanathat said means standard is lacking. “We are in the process of lifting operator’s quality standards in five areas,” said the deputy Minister. The Yingluck government is investing about US$70 billions into lifting Thailand’s logistics, with a great focus on rail system, for goods transports. The system is expected to take 7 to 10 years for completion. Meanwhile, Thailand’s road related logistics system, was able to weather higher oil price, with total cost of energy in total spending for logistics, falling (Source).


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