& signs strategic alliance MOU

By Pooky; 4/22/2013 has signed a MOU with Thailand‘s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce to boost Indo-Thai bilateral trade. and the Thaitrade promotion body which operates – the official B2B marketplace of Thailand, have agreed to explore opportunities to promote and market each other through their respective platforms. These strategic promotions will help members and SMEs listed on both platforms generate more substantial business opportunities. As per MOU, it has been finalized that both & will explore ways to facilitate business matchmaking for sellers and buyers from both countries. It has been further agreed that both platforms will work together towards developing business objectives of mutual interest through long term business partnership arrangements. As per statistics of 2011-2012, Thailand is India’s 4th largest trading partner in the ASEAN, where both countries offer great opportunities for Import & Export of goods and services amongst each other. Asia and ASEAN Region contribute to about 55% of India’s total trade (2011-2012) and Thailand contributes to about 10-15% of the total trade from the ASEAN Region (Source).


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