PM Yingluck gets surprise kiss & expected attack on World Court issues

By Ranger; 4/22/2013

Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra met with Thailand’s World Court lawyer team at the Government House today, where a foreign lawyer, professor Arlang, sneaked in a skiss at the PM’s cheek. PM Yingluck was surprised by the kiss, and was embarassed, local press says. PM Yingluck thanked the lawyer team, comprising of both Thai and foreigners for the work and said the Thais people were behind them. The team said they worked closely with the government. The lawyer team have become a celebrity in Thailand, from a live broascast of the World Court sessions. Meanwhile, Thailand elite establishment continue to explore for weak spot, between the Thai team at the World Court, and the PM Yingluck involvement in the situation. Both leading Yellow Shirts, like the green group Suriyasai Katasila and several far extreme right wing media, such as Manager and Naew Na, including Abhisit’s Democrat Party spokesman, Chavanont, have all been criticizing PM Yingluck, as related to the Thai Cambodia relations. Often, the elite establishment people and press would quote Cambodia’s lawyers and position in attacking Yingluck. For the past few days since the case at the World Court started, Pheu Thai Party‘s spokesperson and also PM Yingluck’s office spokesperson, have been shooting back and fending off at the criticism. Thailand and Cambodia are in conflict over dispute area. Cambodia tabled to the World Court, for a fresh ruling, after violent conflict broke out between Thailand and Cambodia during the Abhisit government of Thailand. Sour relations started way back as Abhisit’s Foreign Minister, Kasit Pirom, called Cambodia OM, Hun Sen, a cheap thug (Source).


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