Attempt to reform Democrat Party failed from party’s “Dictatorial Tendency”

Ranger; 4/21/2013

Attempt to reform the Democrat Party may be like foot prints in the sand, says a Matichon analysis. Matichon says a key Central Plains Democrat Party MP, Alongkorn Polabutra’s Facebook and Twitter post of why the Democrat Party needed reform was a correct way of Thainking. Alongkorn says that the Democrat Party faulting their long-term election loss on money spent on elections was not correct, and said the Democrat Party loss was because it was too “Slow” compared to Pheu Thai Party, who comes out with new ideas all the time. Alongkorn also said the Democrat Party has a reputation of being close dictatorships, which have hurt the party’s reputation. Matichon noted that right after Alongkorn made those statements, he was greatly criticized by the party leaders, indicating, Matichon said, that there is little space for differing opinion in the Democrat Party. Matichon further noted, that in Democracy, space for different opinion is normally open. “The Democrat Party is so united, there is only one voice, and if they win an election in the future, it will be because of the leader of the united party taking the party in the right direction. But if it fails at wining an election, it will be because the leader have took the party on a wrong direction, said Matichon. Last year, an iconic Democrat Party figure, Pichi Rattakul came out to criticized the Democrat Party as being under the control of 3 -4 young people, who does not listen to other people in the party (Source).


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