Tourism Council says government helped boost confidence & minimum wage hike OK

By Pooky; 4/20/2013

Thailand’s tourism confidence index rose eight points to 108 for January to March, the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) reported. TCT said Thailand tourism is in positive mode with confidence rising through Q4 of 2012 (99 points) to 108 during the first quarter of the year. Most companies interviewed said they were not concerned about the minimum daily Bt300 wage rule ( 51%), while 19% said the policy would actually benefit them and 31% said it would cause problems for their business. In addition, 57% said they would not lay off employees this year while 18% said they would. Around 45% of agents interviewed believe the government’s tourism policy will encourage more tourists to travel.  44% said the government should build a positive image for the country’s tourism industry and 43% said it should be create and support new tourism products. TCT concluded that the responses showed political stability had helped to built confidence, but a brighter economic outlook was also cited as a cause for optimism. In addition, 35% of respondents credited the build in confidence to public relations that encouraged tour operator confidence and 34% said it was due to government related policies that gave indirect benefits to the industry particularly the first car tax scheme that has helped to boost domestic travel (Source).


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