Thailand’s Constitutional Court hits back at about 300 MPs and Senators

By Ranger; 4/20/2013

Thailand’s Constitutional Court yesterday rushed a major presser, after about 300 MPs and Senators rejected the court’s power over Parliament on amending the constitution. The court spokesman Pimol Thampirakkul told the major press gathering, it has the power to tell Parliament what to do. On the 18th of April at Parliament, government MPs and about 30 elected senators gathered to ink their signature on a letter to the Constitutional Court, saying the court has no power to stop Parliament from amending of the constitution. The letter included 5 points, saying that the constitutional court is breaking the law. The constitutional court accepted a case, citing the Clause 68 of the constitution, to make a ruling on further amendment of the constitutional. In the letter, the MPs and Senators said by accepting the case under clause 68, the constitutional court had abused the separation of power between the judicial, legislative and administration. The letter is in response to the constitutional court ordering about 300 MPs to explain their position to the court. The current Thai constitution is drawn up by the military junta after the 2006 coup, where Aung san Su Kyi said, quote, “Thailand is the proof that a military constitution does not work. Those arguing for change to the military constitution, argue that the constitution gives non transparent power that is not connected to the people to the courts and independent units (Source).


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