Security beefed up, as Deep South militant continues to target high ranking officials

By Stingray; 4/20/2013

The vice governor of militant infected Pattani province, Seri Srihatri, says the militant continues to target high level government official, after a high ranking police was attack by the militant. The attack on the high ranking police is the latest and indicates a pattern. Seri, says high ranking officials in the Deep South must be more careful about their security situation. For years, the militant will attack the people in the Deep South indiscriminately, often hitting the grass-roots in remote areas. Seri says peace talks with the militant will continue and during the talks security continues as normal. Most analyst says the militant arm of the separatist have gained power over the separatist movement, leaving little power to the political wing to negotiate a peace package. However, the talks is impotent in winning the heat and minds of the Thais in the Deep South that are mostly Muslims. As most of the militant attack is road related, Seri says security will be beef up at the major and secondary roads (Source).


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