Project consultants line up for US$ billions of work from infrastructure investments

Pooky; 4/20/2013

With the about US$70 million for infrastructure development, some industry analyst speculate that the project advising fee could reach several US$ billion in total. Poised to gain a significant part of that advising fee, industry expert say, is Team Consulting, MAA and AEC. Industry expert says Team Group has many subsidiaries that works in all area that can offer one shop all service stop. Team group, about  15 years old, also have worked closely with many Thai public transportation units and is well connected. For MAA, industry expert says, it had worked closely with every government, through the political turmoil, because of rock solid connection with “Super Big Shots” in politics and civil service. For AEC, even with the Airport Link project of AEC having lots of problems, its connection saved it from being a target of attack from the Abhisit’s government. AEC is one of the oldest Thai consultant, that often partners with a regular group of strategic partners (Source).


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