Thaksin tells Pheu Thai Party not to back down from constitutional court & be ready for a general election.

By Ranger; 4/19/2013

A key Pheu Thai Party Issan Region MP, Somkid Cheuychong, where the Issan Region is the strong-hold of the fiercely pro Thaksin and pro Democracy, Red Shirts, told local Thai press, that Thaksin “Ordered” Pheu Thai Party to exchange “Hits” with the constitutional court. The constitutional court have told Parliament it can not amend the whole constitution, thus Parliament shifted to amend it setion by section, where the latest, is that the court accepted petition to stop Parliament from amending it section by section. Most neutral observer sees the constitutional court interfering in Parliament’s work on amending the constitution, to protect the constitution that is drawn up by the military government. Aung San Su Kyi said, quote: “Thailand is the proof a military constitution does not work.”  “If we are stopped from amending the constitution, Thaksin told us to dissolve Parliament for a general election, where Pheu Thai Party will win majority,” said Somkid. Thailand’s current PM, Yingluck Shinawatra, won the last election, about 2 years ago, in a landslide. Yingluck campaigned namely on three points. They are; first, populous policies; second, to amend the constitution, and third, reconciliation. “What does the court want,” said Somkit (Source).


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