Thais living near Thai Cambodia disputed area are concerned World Court ruling will lead to war

By Ranger; 4/19/2013

Thais living near the disputed Thai Cambodia area of Phra Vihear relics, in the village hamlet of Phumisaroy, in Srisaket Province, are concerned that if the World Court makes a ruling that is not accepted by both sides, a limited war could erupt between Thailand and Cambodia in the area. The dispute has leads to bouts of war between the two countries, during the Abhisit Vejachiva governing of Thailand. Most Thais along the border are following the case at the World Court, which is being broadcasted live with translation, in Thailand. Relations between Thailand and Cambodia began to sour with the rise of Thai ultra Nationalism after the 2006 coup, where Thai officials insulted Cambodia PM, Hun Sen as a cheap thug. Currently, groups of ultra Nationalist are calling for Thailand to reject World Court ruling and have threatened, that they, will occupy the disputed area. Most Thais along the disputed border area want peace, and reject the ultra Nationalist. The Thai Cambodia conflict, other than the conflict itself, has been exploited for internal consumption, for political objective in both countries. Since peace return between the two countries for the past two years of the Yingluck Shinawatra government, trade between the two countries is up by about 60% (Source).


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