Morgan Stanley, after meet with Thai PM Yingluck, says Thailand set for stable and steady growth

By Pooky; 4/19/2013

A top manager of US-based Morgan Stanley, a world-class finance service provider, has expressed his confidence in Thailand’s political stability and national development plan. Head of Morgan Stanley Investment Management or MSIM‘s Emerging Market Equities and Global Macro Funds, expressed the confidence during his meeting with Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at Bangkok’s Government House recently. Morgan Stanley opined that the Thai government has significantly boosted national stability and development after a past period of downturn caused by domestic political problems and expected that Thailand’s now strong economic fundamentals would result in stable and steady growth of the Thai economy. Yingluck told the management of Morgan Stanley that Thailand’s political stability has resulted in economic growth and her government has also attached great importance to national reconciliation, insisting that her administration is working seriously to improve income distribution to narrow down the income gap and to further develop nationwide infrastructure and water management systems, as well as agricultural zoning to create sustainable economic growth and to reduce the country’s reliance on exports. The Thai premier, also said her government is reforming national structures and people’s mentalities to support development (Source).


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