China, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand joint anti-drug campaign on MeKong River begins

By Stingray; 4/19/2013

Thailand’s government “War on Drugs” have reached the MeKong River where a joint anti-drug campaign on Mekong River begins. The nameplate of the headquarters for a joint anti-drug campaign by China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand on the Mekong River was unveiled in Xishuangbanna on Friday, reported Xinhua, China’s news unit. Xinhua said the move marked the formal start of the two-month-long action designed for safety of the Mekong, a major Southeast Asian trading route, where narcotics crimes continue to rage. Xinhua reported liaison officers from the four countries will be posted at the headquarters to share information and coordinate law enforcement efforts, adding with the campaign, law enforcers will aim to crack a series of major cases of trans-national and trans-regional drug-related crimes, break major narcotics production chains and transport networks, and hunt drug-related fugitives. With UN saying Myanmar is ASEAN biggest drug supplier, and Myanmar geographic situation, drugs flow to the region,m out of Myanmar, through the MeKong River and jungle border with Thailand (Source).


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