Thaksin, saying he is in the middle of the ocean, cautiously pushes “Amnesty Bill”

By Ranger; 4/18/2013

Thailand’s former Prime Minister, Thaksin, who continues to exert influence over Thai politics, even being ousted by the 2006 coup, have Skype  a high level Pheu Thai Party MPs meet, telling the MPs to move forward on the Amnesty Bill. “I am in the middle of the ocean…….There will be some instability from the amnesty bill, but it should move forward……… How that should done, should be discussed and agreed on by the party,” said Thaksin. There are many version of the bill, with coverage scope, in who to include, differing. Chalerm, Yingluck‘s Deputy, who is highly loyal to Thaksin and wants Thaksin back in Thailand, said the Pheu Thai Party will start a meet the grass-roots campaign to spread information about the Amnesty Bill. Other fraction in the Pheu Thai Party, fear the amnesty bill will ignite political instability and thus have put the brakes on the Amnesty Bill. That break have alienated the Red Shirts movement, where many members of the movement remain in jail. Earlier, about two weeks ago, rumored appeared in Bangkok‘s political circle, that Thaksin told Yingluck not to alienate the Red Shirts (Source).


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